Women's Voice

Meet the doctors that specialize in women’s health

Dr. Julie Reil

Julie Reil, MD

“As a mother who is a physician, every day I see the depth of love and sacrifice that mothers have for their children and families. I truly admire them – and all women. I feel so blessed to serve, by boosting women’s confidence and helping them improve the quality of their health.”

Dr. Karen Jensen

Karen Jensen, (Retired ND)

Karen Jensen was in clinical practice for 25 years and although she is retired, she continues to write books and educate on the naturopathic approach to wellness. She is author or co-author of seven books, her most recent is Women’s Health Matters: The Influence of Gender on Disease

Marita Schauch

Marita Schauch, ND

“I love empowering others in their health goals and watching them succeed! I believe in building strong relationships, encountering health challenges as a team, and providing hope when patients feel defeated. I want people to feel excited about their new lifestyle goals!”