Title: Focus –the Key to Success.<br />
Image of a pensive man staring at sticky notes placed on a glass wall

We need to home in on one project at a time, which is far easier said than done.

Multitasking does not work; research has proven it. But what if goal setting is a trap, too? Productivity and wealth-building consultant Darius Faroux says that staying focused is the genuine hurdle for people wishing to succeed. We need to home in on one project at a time, which is far easier said than done. Why? Because of the old conflict between what we should do and what we actually do.


  • We want too many things; wanting everything is the biggest impediment to achievement. Focus is a muscle that must be trained.
  • Not only do we want everything, but we want it all at once. We need to take a lifelong view of our desired achievements.
  • Our interests keep changing. So, we need to learn to manage our desires, be happy with what we have, and create the necessary space to focus on one achievement at a time.
  • When we take the “one thing at a time” strategy too far and oversimplify Faroux’s approach, he recommends we identify the different areas of our lives and work on only one goal per area.

That last part is the most challenging task. It takes clarity to focus on what’s important. “What matters is that we understand how we categorize our own lives,” explains Faroux. “Otherwise, there’s no structure. And when there’s no structure, there’s chaos. And when there’s chaos, there’s no one thing. There’s everything. That’s bad.” Once you’ve got your shortlist in hand, you can begin strengthening your focus with Faroux’s suggestions

  • Practice single-tasking. Whatever you’re doing, add nothing – learn to be present
    for the task at hand, even when it’s just a walk or a workout.
  • Achieve and maintain momentum. Don’t let distraction interfere. When others see you doing what you set out to do, they will reward your good work by calling you reliable and, yes, focused. You, too, will see yourself as a person of accomplishment, which can only continue driving you toward success.

“We are the makers of our own lives,” Faroux concludes. We can have it all – if we don’t let too many desired goals get in our way.