Plant a Seed

Join us at Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation® as we celebrate our planet – Earth.

WHY? Because Plant a Seed’s vision is to create opportunities for children to explore the breathtaking wonders of the natural world. We achieve this through educational programs that create moments of inspiration for children in classrooms, school gardens, farm visits, and other outdoor activities. These first-hand planet-friendly experiences raise awareness and create a healthier generation of children who learn to become good stewards of the earth.

Seeds of Inspiration for the Classroom

Plant a Seed provides a range of free-of-charge educational resources and materials for preschoolers and primary grade students, as well as virtual events and online resources. Our school and library programs feature colourful children’s storybooks by Roland Gahler. These stories describe the seed-to-table cycle and encourage the value of self-esteem while caring for each other and planet Earth. All resources are available in French and English. Our Seeds of Inspiration educational program includes story books, curriculum-based workbooks, and organic, non-GMO seeds for the class to plant. Teachers can order Seeds of Inspiration educational resources online at

Plant a Seed – Read for Libraries and Preschools

Our Plant a Seed – Read! storytime program includes free-of-charge storybooks, colouring books and crayons, and a seed pack for a planting activity. All materials are available in English and French. Librarians and preschool educators can order our Plant a Seed – Read! activities at

At-Home Activities for Parents and Children

Plant a Seed also developed a series of at-home activities. These feature down-loadable activity sheets for families and teachers to keep youngsters engaged while learning, especially during lockdowns and COVID restrictions. At-Home Activities can be downloaded from our Kids Corner at

Earth Day 2022: “Invest in our Planet.”

Plant a Seed celebrated Earth Day 2022 on April 22nd with virtual events. Mark Cullen and Brian Minter, two of Canada’s preeminent gardeners who are also Order of Canada recipients, shared storytelling and planting activities. Plant a Seed offered these online events free of charge to elementary schools and their students, as well as libraries across Canada! Check out to view recordings of these kid-friendly Earth Day 2022 virtual events!

Support Plant a Seed, and We Will Grow!

“Life without a cause is a life without effect.” – Paulo Coelho

The good we do to people within our sphere of influence adds meaning to our lives. Your sphere of influence can broaden significantly through your support of Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation. How? Become a Friend of the Foundation at or encourage your child’s school to get in touch with us and order our educational resources. Our goal is to reach 200,000 students by the end of 2022. With your help, we can keep growing our programs. Donate today at


 155,000+ children experienced a Plant a Seed educational program

 31 school and community-garden projects were funded

2,300+ schools received Seeds of Inspiration resource kits

10,600+ participants enjoyed Plant a Seed – Read! storytime activities at their local library