Scientists say that this one short list can make all the difference in your morning energy levels.

Take 10 deep breaths as you wake up, just to take in your surroundings and welcome the new day. Hydrate with a glass of water right away to move oxygen more efficiently through your system. Caffeinated drinks also work! Newer research shows that tea and coffee do not dehydrate. Stretch, or treat yourself to a complete workout – the trick is to move your body. The benefits include improved concentration and the release of mood-improving endorphins.

Make sure you start your day by fuelling your body. Eat sufficient amounts of food and be sure to get your calories in a well-balanced meal. Choose foods that help you limit sugar intake. Bakery goods and hot or cold cereals may set you up for a mid-morning sugar crash. Reach for proteins, such as a hard-boiled egg or even a protein shake. Don’t let the outside world determine your first thoughts and feelings of the day. According to the Pew Research Center, two-thirds of Americans say the news wears them out. So, ditch your phone, or at least, set some boundaries for your morning surfing, and save the work emails for work.

Oh, wait. Experts say there’s one more piece of advice they can offer that tempers all the others: You do you. What works to create your best possible morning may be quite different from what works for someone else.