Woman jumping out of a colourful mirror. Text: Seasons of renewal

"A conscious effort to cleanse my life by embarking on a deeply personal journey to open up and detoxify my mind and body."

Life, much like the seasons, is an ever-evolving journey. Each day brings twists and turns, some of our making, while others catch us by surprise.
In 2022, after almost two decades in medical practice, facing a breakup and the onset of midlife, I stood at a crossroads. The decision? A conscious effort to cleanse my life by embarking on a deeply personal journey to open up and detoxify my mind and body.

The only constant is change – It’s true what they say that change is the only constant in life. Recognizing this, I set out to take the reins of my destiny, starting shifts in my behavior to breathe new life into my existence. The first step I acknowledged was that a personal detox was necessary, a spring cleaning for my soul.


Relationships: A personal inventory

I turned my gaze inward, assessing the tapestry of personal relationships woven throughout my life. Were these connections nurturing my growth, or had some served their purpose and now weighed me down? It was time for an honest evaluation. Letting go is never easy; however, in doing so, I said goodbye to some relationships and made room for values that aligned with my strengthening self. 

Exercise: From routine to ritual

Exercise, once a routine obligation, became a ritual of joy. I shifted my perspective, embracing group activities to stay fit, which brought fun into the mix. Exercise was no longer a chore, but a celebration to form new habits and cultivate relationships. 

Diet declutter: Nourishing my body

The clutter extended to my diet. My eating habits needed a trim, like a pantry overflowing with unnecessary items. Out went the processed “healthy” snacks, and a more simple, mindful, nourishing approach came in. It was time to appreciate the symphony of flavors and nutrients that whole, unprocessed foods offered. And as my body developed, so did my supplement routine – a curated selection that catered to the needs of a wiser, more mature me.

Throughout my life, I consistently incorporated vitamin D, magnesium, CoQ10, and probiotics into my diet as supplements, aiming to maintain optimal energy levels, a stable mood, restful sleep, and healthy digestion. As I entered midlife, my focus shifted to supporting the process of healthy aging. I shifted my supplemental routine to include turmeric and quercetin for their preventative benefits for age-related issues like heart disease and slowed metabolism.  

Living in the moment  

The true essence of my life cleanse lay in the detoxification of my mind. Amidst the chaos of my new life, I discovered the power of living in the present moment. The constant chatter of yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s worries faded into the background. Gratitude became a practice that illuminated the richness of the relationships and work that adorned my life. 

Small steps, big impact – These changes weren’t seismic shifts; they were a collection of small steps, a gradual metamorphosis, that rippled through my life. Positivity became my guiding principle, weaving its thread through each decision and interaction. The impact on my health was profound. I have more energy now, and I wake up feeling more refreshed. I started a new hobby, cycling, and have noticed my exercise recovery and endurance are better than ever. My body is much more resilient after making these changes, proving that sometimes the smallest changes lead to the most significant transformations. 

The ultimate reward – In the wake of this personal cleanse, I basked in a life of positivity. The people around me, the relationships I nurtured, and the work that filled my days became beacons of fulfillment. Then the realization struck – true health is not just physical; it’s the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. Standing amidst the blossoms of this personal spring, I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of change. Initially challenging, embracing life’s twists and turns has transformed from a hurdle into an invitation to grow. My mind-body cleanse has become a journey of self-discovery, and its renewal a testament to the power we hold to shape our destinies. 

So, here’s to embracing change and cleansing our internal houses, and to a spring of renewal that extends far beyond the blossoms on the trees – a spring that unfolds within us. May your journey be as transformative and rewarding as mine. – In good health, Dr Marita