Like millions of moms and parents, I was struggling with my children’s rashes, life-threatening allergic reactions, autoimmune issues, and asthma, and I thought they were, well, something that I just had to accept. But one day in 2012, I watched a video about genetically modified foods (GMOs), and everything changed.

I started to research and later learned about the herbicide glyphosate (the primary ingredient in Roundup®) and its use in the food supply. I learned that glyphosate herbicides are not only sprayed on GMO crops to kill weeds, but they are also sprayed on non-organic wheat, peas, beans, oats, and grains as a drying agent. I was shocked to learn that glyphosate herbicides cannot be removed through washing or cooking. I felt like someone had punched me in the gut. I had been unknowingly feeding my kids GMOs and foods with glyphosate chemical residues. So, I buckled down and took matters into my own hands to recover my children’s health.

Over time, our family made the switch over to 100% non-GMO organic food, and it was apparent that GMOs and their related chemicals had contributed to our children’s health issues. Today, we experience very few health issues. However, I realized it wasn’t enough to protect my children because their future spouses were out there somewhere. I want my children to have a family of their own (if they want to) and experience the profound love of raising a healthy child.

During this time, I learned that many nations worldwide do not allow, or at least label, GMO food in their countries, and I began supporting measures to label GMOs in the States. I passed out flyers at the local farmers’ market and sadly realized that most people had no idea what GMOs were. After we lost the GMO labeling battle in the States, my nine-year-old son saw me crying in the car, and he said, “You know, Mom, even Star Wars took six episodes.” And I said, “Yeah, and they had Yoda!” I realized it was time for a new episode. I decided that I was going to be the one to transform the food supply and health in America – not by myself, but I would not wait for someone else to do it.

So, I created a nationwide event called the Moms Across America March to Label GMOs, and invited people to join Independence Day parades with banners and flyers to raise awareness about GMOs. Together, 179 groups reached thousands locally and millions nationally, in an affordable, family-friendly way, in a single day on July 4, 2013.


MAA initiated the first glyphosate testing in our children’s urine, tap water, and breast milk, and the result sparked testing and policy change in over 60 countries.


It was a beautiful transforming event! Over the next five years, our MAA mom leaders hosted 1,000 local events in all 50 states, and we estimate that our reach through various media has surpassed 100 million. MAA initiated the first glyphosate testing in our children’s urine, tap water, and breast milk, and the result sparked testing and policy change in over 60 countries.

I represented mothers and spoke at Monsanto, Dow, and DuPont shareholder meetings. I met with Syngenta executives and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and I was also on a congressional briefing panel for glyphosate. According to the Organic Trade Association, 87% of households now buy some organic food regularly, but there is more work to do. Today, most people know that GMOs and their related chemicals have no place in our food supply. Everyone deserves access to safe food.

How you can help – Educate yourself on GMOs. Look for my book, Unstoppable: Transforming Sickness and Struggle into Triumph, Empowerment, and a Celebration of Community. Watch “Communities Rising” on YouTube. If you can volunteer in your community, start now, or donate to support our efforts to ensure a safer world. You can reach us at