In the last several years, collagen has become a household word and a trusted protein that helps people achieve fewer wrinkles, stronger fingernails, and healthier hair.

In its hydrolyzed form, collagen’s benefits are even greater, and it is widely known as a cosmetic component with antioxidant properties. Although its actions are often synonymous with beauty, like everything else health-related, there is always more to the story. New research has provided insight into the impact blood sugar dysregulation has on our skin and connective tissue health. While we know that consuming high sugar levels can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, fatty liver disease, and generalized inflammation, new research suggests it also damages elastin and, in turn, speeds the aging of our skin.

Collagen and elastin reside together in connective tissue, such as the skin, where collagen provides the scaffold for elastin to bind. In turn, elastin provides strength, flexibility, and elasticity to the skin, which can dramatically impact wrinkle development. When blood sugar is elevated, glycation of elastin is triggered, resulting in elastic tissue damage. This irreversible damage in elastin consequently alters mechanical function, leading to wrinkles and other forms of skin aging.

When searching for skin-supportive food or supplements, it is therefore important to have both blood-sugar-balancing and collagen-supporting ingredients to provide a more well-rounded attack on fine line and wrinkle development. One of the most well-studied natural supplements for weight management and blood sugar control is PolyGlycopleX® or PGX®. Unlike other supplements, which promise magical changes in metabolism, PGX is backed by published, double-blind research that demonstrates its effectiveness in helping people feel full longer and hungry less often. It smoothes out the the blood sugar rollercoaster, and ultimately protects elastin from glycation damage that you’ll see reflected in fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

The next time you visit your local health store, look for hydrolyzed Total Body Collagen and PGX. Total body collagen bottle Total Body Collagen is packed with benefits to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and eye wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.

Clinically supported PGX – available in softgels, granules, and protein shakes – will help with cravings and assist in healthy weight management. It slows the absorption of carbs to keep blood sugar under control, and ultimately protects elastin from glycation damage that you’ll see reflected in fewer lines and wrinkles. Combine PGX and Total Body Collagen in your morning protein shake, or you can mix both with a cup of organic applesauce. Once you start your daily PGX with Total Body Collagen regimen, you are one step closer to having moist, glowing skin, strong fingernails, and healthy hair. At the same time, you’ll be managing blood sugar and weight, while truly being proactive in having a healthier body from the inside out!