Sometimes coming up with a diagnosis or a treatment plan for a patient is like working a complicated puzzle – the broad outlines come together easily, but getting to the details that complete the picture can be tricky. In my books on women’s health I provide a tool to help women see more clearly what’s going on with their hormone health by looking at symptoms. And now I’m sharing this tool with you.

By reviewing the symptoms listed below, you can zero in on which organs or conditions could be contributing to the health-related problems you’re experiencing. It’s easy – just go through the list and write the letter or letters next to anything that pertains to your current or recent experience. Then go back and note your results. If you have a lot of As, you may need adrenal support. When you have Ts checked, it suggests a possible thyroid imbalance, and Ls identify a need to support the liver.

Here are the nutritional supports I commonly recommend for these conditions:

A = Adrenal (AdrenaSense®)
T = Thyroid (Thyrosense®)
L = Liver (EstroSense®)
Wondering about the letters (M) and (D)?

The (M) refers to symptoms commonly experienced during menopause or perimenopause, while the (D) refers to dysbiosis, the clinical term for intestinal microbial imbalances. Here are the nutritional supports I commonly recommend for these conditions:

(M) = MenoSense®
(D) = Probiotics

Ready to solve the puzzle? Get a pencil and get to work!

___Prolonged exposure to stress (job, family, illness, divorce, caregiver) – A
___ Cravings for salt, sugar, caffeine – A
___ Blood sugar imbalances (hypoglycemia) – A (D)
___ Feeling easily overwhelmed, unable to handle stress – A
___ Poor concentration, memory problems, brain fog – A (T) (D) (M)
___ Insomnia – A (T) (M) (D)
___ Low energy, excessive fatigue – A (T)
___ Frequent illnesses such as viruses – A (D)
___ Burping, belching, gas or bloating after a meal – A (D)
___ Cold hands and feet (any time of year) – T
___ Thinning, dry, brittle, or coarse hair – T
___ Weight gain that came on quickly and is hard to lose – T (A)
___ Dry skin – T
___ Thin, brittle nails – T
___ Depression, mood swings, irritability – A (L) (D)
___ Infertility or miscarriages – T (L) (D)
___ Swelling in the face (especially around the eyes) or hands/ankles – T
___ Low libido, painful intercourse – A (T) (M)

___ Constipation – T (D)
___ Hot flashes and/or night sweats – L (M)
___ Acne – L (D)
___ PMS – L
___ Heavy or Irregular menstrual periods – L (T) (M)
___ Fibroids or endometriosis – L (T)
___ Breast tenderness – L
___ Taking HRT or oral contraceptives – L (D)
___ Exposure to xenoestrogens (i.e., plastics and commercial cosmetics) – L
___ Accelerated aging (“overnight” wrinkles) – T (A) (M)
___ Anxiety or panic attacks – A (D)
___ Increased cholesterol – A (T) (L)
___ Inability to breathe deeply (air hunger) – A
___ “Crawly” skin sensations, especially of the lower limbs  (restless leg syndrome) – T
___ Increased facial hair, particularly around the chin and upper lip – L (A) (M)
___ Hot feet, worse in bed – L (M)
___ Aches and pains in joints, muscles – L (T)
___ Lightheadedness, dizzy spells, vertigo – A
___ Migraine headaches – L (D)
___ New food or environmental allergies sensitivities – A (D)

___ Urinary incontinence (worse with coughing or laughing) – D (M)
___ Vaginal or urinary tract  infections – (D)
___ Belly fat/weight gain, including on the abdomen, hips, and breasts – T (A)

Total for A (Adrenal) ___
Total for T (Thyroid) ___
Total for L (Liver) ___

Once again, the nutritional support I recommend for Adrenal support is AdrenaSense, for Thyroid its Thyrosense, and to support the Liver, EstroSense is key.

Total for Menopause (M) ___
Total for Dysbiosis (D) ___

For women entering the peri-menopausal and menopausal years, always start with adrenal support, and have your thyroid tested with your health care practitioner. MenoSense can provide support for symptoms indicated by (M). For intestinal health issues that result in hormonal imbalance and related symptoms, increase the intake of fermented foods in your diet and consider adding a probiotic supplement to your health program.