At a seminar, one of the attendees asked me, “If you could make only one suggestion for balancing hormones, what would it be?” I said, “Start your day off with a cup of warm lemon water”.

The top six benefits for drinking lemon water

1) Fighting Inflammation

Lemons are alkaline in nature. On their own, yes, they are acidic, but when metabolized by the body they create an
alkaline environment. More alkalinity in the body helps reduce inflammation.

3) Aiding Digestion

The combination of the warm water with the lemon helps eliminate toxins and supports the peristalsis of the digestive system.

5) Detoxifying

Lemon water acts like a gentle diuretic to help flush out any toxins. It also contributes to the purification and stimulation of the liver.

2) Supporting a Healthy Immune System

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is excellent for supporting the immune system’s job of fighting off those bad bugs!

4) Hydrating and Nourishing

Starting the day with fresh lemon water will provide electrolytes in the form of calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and will also keep the body.

6) Boosting Metabolism

Lemons are high in pectin fibre, which helps reduce cravings. A more alkalinic diet also helps keep the metabolism moving!

All of this provides very good reason to add warm lemon water to your daily routine, of course, but let’s delve deeper into the seminar attendee’s issue – balancing hormones.

How Lemon Water Helps Balance Your Hormones.

This is the seventh great reason for drinking warm lemon water! The alkalinizing effect of lemon water, along with its liver-supporting properties, ensure that the body is metabolizing and breaking down damaging toxins derived from our environment. Many of these damaging toxins come in the form of harmful excess estrogen we take in just by living in modern society and using products that contain plastics (BPA), pesticides, cosmetics, and household cleaners. Left to themselves, these substances disrupt our natural hormonal balance.

Want to kick-start your day and do your body about seven great favours in a matter of seconds? Take warm lemon water and make it your tonic!